American Roots Music at Willapa Hills Farm


Hanna Haas


For me, when I hear the phrase, “American Roots Music”, I think of all my music that was passed down to me. I come from a family of music loving singers, strummers, and creators. We actually released a family album at the start of the year “The Haas Family Album”, with songs sung and played by my sister, brother, grandma/grandpa and parents. My music would not be what it is without the roots of my family and ancestors that came before me. My music would not sound like Joni Mitchell if it weren’t for her voice and open tunings on my parents turn table. It wouldn’t resemble poetry, if it weren’t for Leonard Cohen or Mary Oliver inspiring me to write. Just like roots of a tree, what we are surrounded by influences and inspires us. For me, I’ve got the California sunshine, the Pacific Northwest sky, my fellow singer-songwriters and family to thank.


Hanna Haas is a songwriter drawn to the dance of light and dark. Currently based in Portland Oregon, she has come to call the entire West Coast her home. Hanna describes her music as contemplative folk, identifying with artists Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Feist for their alternate tunings and mesmerizing melodies. Inspired by environments in which she has inhabited, Hanna sings of the dramatic landscape of Big Sur, the California sun, and the vast and open Pacific Northwest sky. Hanna loves to engage her audiences in sweet story telling and laughter, leaving her audience in a state of heart-felt introspection.

Hanna Haass EP Unstruck” is a selection of Hanna’s songs that seek to grapple with the big questions of life. Hanna’s songs recall change, reminisce on the deaths of loved ones, relationships lost, platform-moving towns, while at the same time remember what is constant, such as the beating of our hearts and the mystery that perhaps never dies. Hanna’s songs speak to the constant rising and falling of life and the eternal beauty of it all.

“Unstruck” was recorded with Cookie Marenco in 2016. Hanna was able to collaborate with good friends who contributed to her songs such as Jessie Marks, Chris Lynch and Ben Berry (from Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra), Erin Chapin (from the Rainbow Girls), Alexis Hawk (from MAJK) and her brother and classical guitarist Aaron Haas.

Hanna’s CD can be purchased at CD Baby and iTunes–or catch her at one of her shows for a physical copy!

“Unstruck” is also streamable on Spotify.

From time to time, Hanna posts her rough cuts on her Soundcloud, and invites you to follow her.